A Story About My Uncle

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A Story About My Uncle is a 2014 indie adventure game by Gone North Games, published by Coffee Stain Studios. It was initially developed by students of Södertörn University in 2012, with a full release in May 2014 for Microsoft Windows, and three years later for macOS and Linux.

Fast, fluid and fun, but still missing that something.PGC

The game was re-developed professionally after the collaboration with Coffee Stain Studios.



A Story About My Uncle is an adventure indie video game. Played from a first-person perspective, the game is a platformer set in a world of drifting rocks. In the game the player needs to search for Uncle Fred.

The game focuses on the narrator's uncle Fred, as the narrator tells a bedtime story to a small child. The uncle Fred is described as "a brilliant scientist – a whimsical and even-tempered version of Uncle Quentin from the Famous Five books". A board in the narrator's abandoned house tells the player that Fred built a waste disposal system, conceivably controlled by starlight. After this backstory, the game begins with the narrator as a child entering the "waste disposal dimension" to search for his uncle...



The player follows the uncle character through the game environment, with the player character having a suit that is equipped with a "magical grappling hook and shock absorbers" that stop the player character from taking damage when landing. Later on in the game, the player will find and be able to use jet-propelling boots, which enable them to travel farther in one jump.



  • Release Date: Wednesday, 28 May 2014
  • Genre: Adventure, Platform
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • Director: Sebastian Zethraeus
  • Mode: Single-player