Blackguards 2

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Blackguards 2 is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and OS X in 2015. It is a sequel to 2014's The Dark Eye: Blackguards.

Although at first it seems there isn't much improvement towards the first part of the series, it is not the case. The hints/tutorial is better, storytelling is more organized, compendium is divided into open/finished quests, places, and people so you can find your way around it. The map is the same as in the first part but you are exploring it from the diagonally opposite side. The camp and mercenaries are new things, and the only bad thing in it is the fact that you can't influence it's progress on deeper level. Unfortunately, there is lot of bad stuff going on in this game which made me want to finish it asap and move on. No wonder the wikipedia page is empty..PGC

Blackguards 2 is set only a few years after the story of the first game, but will bring along many changes - for the well-known characters as well as for players. It will stay an SRPG focusing on turn-based, strategic battles with a group of scoundrels as anti-heroes. Some of the best known Blackguards from the first game will be part of the team again - unfortunately, their lives didn’t go very well in the interim.



Nevertheless, their fame for defeating the Nine Hordes seems to be everlasting - at least for the three survivors, as all others have found their end. Cassia, main protagonist of Blackguards 2, is looking for them: Cassia’s only goal is to rule from the Shark Throne at all costs, even if it’s only for one day. In the Blackguards she sees the fighters and the power she needs for her plans, even if they are a shadow of their former glory: Naurim became fat and lazy, but also more cunning; Zurbaran lost his self-confidence; and Takate seems to have lost his killer instinct.

Together with Cassia the three remaining Blackguards will be the main characters of Blackguards 2. In many quests the group will travel through South Aventuria to fulfill Cassia's dream.



  • Dwarf Naurim has retired with his fame as a successful gladiator and defeater of the Nine Hordes. He used his popularity for shady businesses and excessive parties and got quite potbellied - not a very good condition for battles, and so he hung up his axe and ditched his old gang
  • Wizard Zurbaran was even less lucky: his mistress tracked down the former slave, who was unable to escape servitude. She shackled, mortified, and sold him for one symbolic copper piece at the slave market
  • Takate, on the other hand, is back among the forest people and arranges his own gladiatorial games, letting humans fight for their destiny, just as he was forced to. He believes there are no challenges left after the defeat of the Nine Hordes