Hugo: Jungle Island

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Hugo: Jungle Island is a defunct interactive television program that was an improved replacement to the early 1990s' original children's game show in the Hugo franchise. It was originally launched by ITE Media in Denmark as Hugo Vulkanøen in January 1999, and was promptly licensed and broadcast in many other countries.

Everyone knows Hugo the TV show :)PGC



In this scenario, the evil nemesis of the friendly troll Hugo, the witch Scylla (Afskylia in the original Danish version), has returned and moved to a jungle island where she teamed up with the local tyrant Don Croco. Scylla once again kidnapped Hugo's wife Hugolina and the children, but this time she keeps them captive in a cage in her new lair, located at a top of volcano in the center of the island. The players control Hugo, aided by the monkey Jean Paul and the toucan Ferdinand, as he needs to complete a series minigames ("hugocopter", ostrich jockey ride, liana climbing, volcano lava chase, etc.) to reach and defeat the witch and free his family...



  • Release Date: Saturday, 02 January 1999
  • Genre: Action, Puzzle
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows
  • Mode: Single-player